Kallyr II: Adulthood


Chain Event

Previous Adoption
Next Holy Training or
Destiny's Call

This is a continuation from Kallyr I: Adoption. This event will happen 14 years after her adoption.

Whether the outlaw woman's ritual is the reason, or just high expectations, Kallyr has grown into a fine, young woman...

Event Dialogue

The orphaned girl, Kallyr, the one you took in after an outlaw woman raised her in a shield, has grown up.  She is now a fine young woman with ambitions to be a warrior. She has joined the warrior woman's cult of Vinga.  As you can see from the bruises on her sparring partners, she has a real talent for fighting, one that seems almost superhuman.

1.  Hold a feast in her honor.
2.  Maker her work harder to earn your approval.
3.  Send her away to be trained under a famous holy warrior of Vinga.
4.  Let her improve at her own pace.
5.  Test her mettle by sending her on an exploratory mission.

King of Dragon Pass


At this point, Kallyr is a rather formidable fighter.  Your main choices will be whether to retain her services for the clan, or else to send her away for further training.

  • Holding a feast will improve the mood of everyone in celebration of the clan's newest hero.
  • By making Kallyr work harder, you are holding her to a higher standard than other weaponthanes, but she will gladly rise to this expectation. This is a great choice if you want to put her on the clan ring right away.
  • Training in the Vinga's cult will make Kallyr into an even more potent warrior, as well as raise some of her other skills.  The downside to this is she will be gone for 3 years and your warriors will be upset because you think that they aren´t the best option to train her.
  • By letting her improve at her own pace, you are essentially letting the status quo remain for Kallyr.  Her skills will still improve over time, but it is a slight waste of her great potential.
  • As a follower of Vinga, you will find Kallyr has a natural aptitude for exploring, and missions she goes on will have a greater chance of success.  Of course, she may still disappear, or be killed, but that is less likely to happen.



  • Flame-haired did the woman child bark battle shouts to her wind-mates. -- Poetic ring member

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