Kallyr III: Holy Training


Chain Event

Previous Adulthood
Next Destiny's Call

After three long years, Kallyr returns home.  Who knows what legends she will create in her wake...

Event Dialogue

Kallyr returns to your clan after spending three years under the tutelage of the region's greatest holy warrior of Vinga.  A new sense of confidence and command has replaced the childlike exuberance you used to know.

1.  Hold a feast in her honor.
2.  Tell her that she must not be prouder than her elders.
3.  Test her mettle by sending her on an exploratory mission.
4.  Test her mettle by sending her to lead a raid.
5.  Welcome her, but make no great fuss.

King of Dragon Pass


After this event, Kallyr may be added to your clan ring.

  • With her return, the people will definitely enjoy a feast held in Kallyr's honor. She may even tell you the secrets of a myth.
  • Weaponthanes in general, and holy warriors in particular have great confidence in their abilities, sometimes too much so.  As a result, it is sometimes beneficial to council one not to prouder than one's elders.
  • Kallyr is more than up to the challenge if you send her exploring. (She is not a superhero, though, there is always a chance she will die, or disappear, especially if you send her far away, like at the Cragspider's home.)
  • Kallyr makes a great war leader, which you will find out if you send her out on a raid.
  • Some people don't want a fuss made on their return, but when one has undergone long, special training, sometimes acknowledgement is appropriate.

Unconfirmed:  Whether Kallyr reacts negatively to Options 2 and 5.

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