It has been many seasons since Kallyr and her band of warriors made their way to the Holy Country.  The clan waits with bated breath as to Kallyr's final fate.

Kallyr Va: Destiny's Price


Chain Event

Notable Rewards Band of One Hundred
Previous Destiny's Call

Event Dialogue

Only one warrior, Terasarin, returns from Kallyr's mission to the Kitori lands.  "Kallyr is slain, and so are all the others who went with her, but it was a glorious sight to see!  Our small party fought off half an army of Kitori and trolls, and Kallyr herself slew three score and ten of them! Almost all of our warriors were killed by the Kitori hero, Warlan Darkbreath, who impaled them on his lance.  Finally, the two heroes fought.  Kallyr's sword bit deep into Warlan's brainpan, and Warlan's lance in turned pierced Kallyr.  Both died at the same instant.  I recovered the fabulous treasure called Band of One Hundred, and present it to you now."  He hands you a small piece of dirty, dark-colored cloth.

1.  Compose a poem in memory of Kallyr's glorious death.
2.  Hold funeral feast for the fallen.
3.  Invite other clans to a funeral feast.
4.  Sacrifice the Band of One Hundred as a tribute to Kallyr.
5.  Trade the Band of One Hundred to another clan.

King of Dragon Pass


Note:  The Band of One Hundred is arguably the best treasure in the game, though all its effects are passive in nature.  If you wish to keep it in your possession, Options 1, 2 and 3 is the way to go.

  • Successfully composing a poem may improve relations with the weaponthanes, while failure doesn't bring honor to her feats, and irks the warriors.
  • Kallyr didn't go by herself; holding a funeral feast will improve relations with the clan as a whole as the other fallen are remembered.
  • Inviting other clans to a funeral feast may raise your reputation as Kallyr's feats and deeds are remembered by all.
  • A powerful treasure, sacrificing the Band of One Hundred will give a large boost to your clan magic.
  • Trading the Band of One Hundred should net you a tidy sum if you really wish to trade it.


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