Keeping the Town Peace


Random Event

Requires The Clans have built a town.

The formation of a new town was meant to bring the tribes together.  However, discord rears its head once more, and it is up to you resolve matters one more time.

Event Dialogue

The peace of your new town is threatened by squabbling between the kings of the <X> and <Y> tribe. Many migrants have come from Heortland to work as artisans and traders in <Town Name>, claiming allegiance not to any clan, but to the town itself. Since these new people belong to no tribe, the kings each claim the right to demand gifts from them. This dispute has led to fights between the thanes of the two tribes, although no serious blows have been struck ~ so far.
  1. Abandon the town to the greedy kings.
  2. "Share gifts equally between the <X> and <Y> tribes."
  3. "Share gifts equally between the three founding tribes."
  4. "If we quarrel, a great destiny will pass us by."
  5. "We have no right to demand gifts from the townsfolk."
  6. "We must create a town ring to settle such disputes."

King of Dragon Pass


Note that most of the choices can resolve the matter peacefully, though some may tougher than others.

  • The easiest choice, abandoning the town is also the worst.  You will lose the respect of the other two tribes, while tensions rise up in your own tribe.  Finally, this choice prevents you from earning the good ending.
  • Allowing the <X> and <Y> to equally share the town's gifts garners their respect, and a reputation for generosity.  The one downside is some in your own tribe will be upset since you gave up their portion of the gifts.
  • Splitting the town's gifts equally among the founding tribes is among the more equitable solutions, and please everyone to a certain extent.
  • You can appeal to the piety of the tribes, reminding them that in quarrelling, a great destiny could pass them by.  Success shames them into behaving, but failure has the tribes wanting a more monetary resolution.
  • Possibly the hardest choice, you can tell the founding tribes they have no right to demand gifts from the town.  Needless to say, this is a hard option to pass.  A master negotiator will have the other tribes accede to this choice, but they will have their own reservations.  Failed diplomacy will have the other founding tribes rightfully point out the town wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the efforts of all involved.
  • Arguably the best choice, creating an independent town ring will settle the matter, especially since all involved will have equal say in the direction of the town.

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