One event you may get when searching Kero Fin, this will greatly improve your chances of safety and treasure hunting the next time you go exploring.  This encounter is another one you get randomly on Kero Fin, and you have no say in what happens.

Event Dialogue

Our expedition to Mount Kero Fin has returned.  <X> has a wondrous tale to tell.  He and others were exploring the snowy reaches of Orlanth's mother, when they found themselves swept away to participate in an ancient battle, fighting against the forces of Lokamayadon, the traitorous priest who sought to eclipse Orlanth.  <X> and the others fought against lancers who fought from horseback.  Despite the confusing circumstances and difficult odds, our explorers fought well.  Another great gust blew them back to Kero Fin, where wind spirits rewarded us.  For a moment, they let us see the world from the top of Mount Kero Fin; they said we should look for a place we wanted to explore.  They said that this view would give us a great advantage the next time we went wandering.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  Some of the conflicts can vary, but the end result is at the end.


Greatly increases the success of exploring/finding treasures

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