Kidnapped Men


Random Event

Happens when Bandits left unchecked
Next Kidnapped Men Return

Say what one might, but bandit women are just as likely as the men to go after what they want...

Event Dialogue

Two handsome young men of the clan are captured by outlaw women!  The women ride quickly into your tula, grab the men, and ride off.  Both men are married.
  1. Conduct a divination.
  2. Do nothing.
  3. Sacrifice to Orlanth to strengthen your hand against outlaws.
  4. Send a war party to rescue the men and kill the outlaws.
  5. Send a war party to rescue the men.

King of Dragon Pass


  • A successful divination reveals the men will be safe, as well as a gift to be...delivered...later.  You will then have an option of sending a rescue party, or let things be.
  • If you do nothing, the men will return the next morning, though your clan may grow angry at what they see as abandoning them to their fate.
  • If the sacrifice goes well, you will find it easier if you choose to send a war party.
  • Realize the women bandits are rather strong.  If the rescue attempt fails, the kidnapped men may well be killed.  Members of the war party may be harmed as well.  If you do send a war party, a simple rescue is more likely to succeed (and keep people alive) than if you go with the aim to kill the outlaws.

Note:  If you chose option 1 or 2, then this continues in Kidnapped Men Return.

Also, this event usually occurs if you haven't done a lot of patrolling, allowing the number of outlaws to grow in your tula.

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