Kidnapped Men Return


Chain Event

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With the coming dawn, your kidnapped men return to the clan, physically none the worse for wear...

Event Dialogue

<X> and <Y>, the two young men who were carried off by outlaws come back to the tula at dawn.  When asked what happened, at first <Y> says, "Nothing."  Then <X> chimes in with an elaborate story of their escape from the outlaw women, who meant to sacrifice them on a bloody altar to Gagarth, god of outlaws.  The women suspect <X> and <Y> are both lying, and that they committed adultery with the outlaw women.  Adultery is a serious crime among the Orlanthi.
  1. Convince the women that nothing untoward happened.
  2. Do nothing.
  3. Question <X> until he admits adultery.
  4. Question <Y> until he admits adultery.
  5. Send a war party to drive off the outlaws.
  6. Send a war party to slay the outlaws.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you convince women that nothing happened, then they leave the matter be.  If they don't believe the ring, then they their faith in your leadership drops.
  • If you do nothing, then the women grow dismayed at the ring's ignoring of their concerns.
  • You can question either <X> or <Y>, but to get them to admit to adultery, you have to be persuasive.  You will have an easier time if you focus your questioning on <X>, since rather than keeping his mouth shut, he constructs an elaborate lie.  Then, you have a choice of whether to pardon them, or outlaw them.  If you outlaw them, the men of the clan may be angered, but if you pardon them, the women may be angered.  However, you will have an opportunity to convince them to forgive the incident.
  • If you try to drive off the outlaws, realize the bandits are rather powerful, so your warriors may end up hurt or worse.
  • Managing to kill the outlaws reduces the presence of bandits around your tula, but this is a harder achievement than simply driving them off.  Failure may result in the wounding, even deaths of your warriors.

Note:  If you don't outlaw the men, or otherwise allow them to stay in the clan, then a year later you will have one more arc in this:  Kidnapped Men: Unexpected Gifts.

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