Kidnapping or Elopement


Random Event

Even if they never heard of Romeo and Juliet, the Orlanthi would recognize its story well...

Event Dialogue

<X>, the daughter of thane <Y>, has gone missing.  <Y> is sure that she has been kidnapped by a family from clan <Z>; he recently told you to reject their son <W> as a suitor for <X>.  Privately, the girl's mother, <T>, confides that she thinks <X> has willingly ran away to meet <W>.
  1. Accept the marriage, but demand compensation from <Z clan>.
  2. Demand that the <Z clan> return the girl.
  3. Launch a punitive raid on the <Z>.
  4. Let <W> marry <X>, if it seems to be her will.
  5. Raid the <Z clan> to rescue <X>.

King of Dragon Pass


This is a situation where you may wish to investigate, unless you wish to have an excuse for raiding. 

  • Even if you are enemies with a clan, it is expected there would be a dowry of some kind between marriage.  Getting compensation will satisfy traditionalists.
  • It is the law that a clan ring has a say in whether allowing a marriage goes through or not.  Or, you may believe the daughter was kidnapped.
  • This is your excuse to raid them as punishment.  This choice is primarily for plunder, though, and may be slightly easier.
  • If you investigate, you will find the daughter does want to marry <X>.  So, while it may be irregular for others to marry for love, some in your clan may approve of letting her marry him.
  • The rescue raid option goes for capturing individuals. (This is harder than the punitive raid option)

Note:  If you choose either raid option, be aware your clan will lose morale if the raids go badly.

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