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King of Dragon Pass Official Trailer

HeroCraft's Android Trailer

Set in the fictional world of Glorantha, King of Dragon Pass is the saga of colonizing a magical frontier. Guiding your clan of volatile dirt-farmers to victory is no easy task, but the information contained here should assist in achieving the crown.

A work in progress, this wiki is dedicated to the accumulation of information and lore pertaining to King of Dragon Pass on iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

KoDP News

September 10, 2014

King of Dragon Pass keeps expanding its reach. It is now available on for a variety of Kindle devices:

August 29, 2014

The Let's Play of with KoDP by BoardGameGeekTV is now available on Youtube:

August 27, 2014

There is going to be a Let's Play of King of Dragon Pass tomorrow, August 28 2014 with its designer David Dunham. Further details can be found here:

August 11, 2014

Today is the release of King of Dragon Pass on Android devices. You can purchase it from the Android store for $9.99. It is an updated edition, containing new scenes and art which the PC version doesn't have.

HeroCraft has a game trailer on Youtube here:

You can purchase King of Dragon Pass for Android here:

August 9, 2014

For those with an Android device, there is some good news. Next week is going to see the Android release of King of Dragon Pass on August 12th.

Pocket Tactics has a good article about this:

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