Kinstrife and Consequences
In the parlor with the pipe


Random Event

Orlanth abhorred kinstrife, and yet he was among the most responsible for its actions.  When unleashed, it presaged the appearance of Chaos...

Event Dialogue

<X>, the popular son of a thane, has apparently killed his cousin, <Y>, in a drunken quarrel.  There couldn't be a worst case of kinslaying, the most terrible thing that can happen in Orlanthi society.  Because public law does not extend to a family matter, there is very little the ring can do to make things right.  It is a wound that cannot heal.  Some say that kinslaying brings Chaos, but others think that a poetic truth, not a literal one. 
  1. Encourage <X> to leave the clan
  2. Find powerful holy warriors of Urox to scour your lands of Chaos taint
  3. Forbid all extreme and destructive mourning
  4. Sacrifice to Urox, foe of Chaos
  5. Through ring members' example, encourage extreme mourning behavior

King of Dragon Pass


Kinstrife is among the most serious of crimes in Orlanthi society.  However, the response may be greater than the crime.

  • You can try to encourage <X> to leave of his own accord, but if he believes he is innocent, then he may refuse. 
  • If you wish to directly stop a possible rise of Chaos, calling for Uroxi warriors  or directly sacrificing to Urox are among the best choices.  However, it is very possible for your actions to fail, especially if you had bad relations with the Uroxi, or if you are stingy on your sacrfices. 
  • Sometimes Chaos is given strength if you acknowledge its effects.  So, if you discourage extreme/destructive mourning, the hope is you won't attract any further attention.  Be aware that members of your clan, even your ring, may not agree with this choice.
  • Orlanthi are an emotional people, and as such can exhibit extreme mourning behavior.  This will improve clan relations, but may attract the attention of Chaos

Note:  If you've been diligent in keeping the Chaos around your tula at bay, you should have little to fear from Chaos.

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