Lhankor Mhy Finds the Truth is a heroquest, where the quester assumes the role of the Knowing God, searching for the long lost Truth.


You can read the full myth in game, from your lore screen, or at Lhankor Mhy Finds the Truth (myth).


If you successfully complete this heroquest, you can ask one of the following:

  • Strengthen the quester (Increases Bargaining, Customs and Magic.
  • Strengthen the clan against chaos,
  • Fight darkness,
  • Give knowledge to the people,
  • Learn the secrets of another myth (if you don't know all the myths, this option will give you details to the myths you don't know, but not secrets),
  • Learn about Dragon Pass

Additionally, the successful completion of this heroquest grants a bonus in situations involving Custom, Mystery, and Divination for about 3 years.

The Quester

There are no known restrictions for the Lhankor Mhy heroquest.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that Lhankor Mhy worshippers will have a better chance at succeeding. (A high level in customs might also help - needs verification)

Walkthrough & Dialogue

Note: Even choosing all the right answers does not guarentee the success of the quest. Many factors are taken into account. Visit Heroquest for more information on how to succeed at heroquesting.

Walkthrough Summary

Here is a summary of the answers that most closely follow the myth, thus giving a better chance at succeeding.

If you do not choose to bring clan members to take on the roles of Issaries and Urox:

  1. Tell Issaries to come along (Options 2 or 3)
  2. Tell Urox there will be chaos to fight (Options 5 or 6)

After convincing Issaries and Urox to come along:

  1. Let Storm Bull fight alone. (Option 3)
  2. Try to win one contest and lose another. (Option 6)
    1. Not necessary, if you win one contest, you get "a gift of magic" but at the risk of wounding the quester. Or you can simply run around them (they will not try to stop you).
  3. Tell Issaries there can be no reconcilliation without truth. (Option 5)
  4. Ask Grandbread why he did that. (Option 1)
  5. Put a leather sheet over your head and think. (Option 4)
  6. Answer Issaries' question. (Option 1)

Stage 1


At the start of the heroquest, you will get the chance to ask for the primary benefit you will recieve should you succeed.

This myth begins in the Great Darkness, after Eurmal found the truth and twisted it all around so that no one can recognize it, and after Issaries mistakenly sells it to a god far away. If Chaos is to be defeated, the truth must be found again and untwisted. What benefits does <Quester> seek from this quest?

  1. Fight darkness.
  2. Grant knowledge to our people.
  3. Learn about Dragon Pass.
  4. Learn the secrets of a myth.
  5. Make the quester stronger.
  6. Strengthen us against chaos.

King of Dragon Pass

Stage 2


<Quester> arrives in a dark and blasted place. The winds are strong and cold, which is good, but they also have a strange stink to them. There are Orlanthi around, but they are dressed in the ancient manner of your ancestors. One of them looks like a trader, and must be Issaries.

  1. Go on to the next station of the quest.
  2. "I know you didn't intend to sell the truth, so I will allow you to come along."
  3. "If you do not come, the trade routes will be confused forever."
  4. Leave the realm of the gods.
  5. "Please come along, Issaries, my dearest of friends."
  6. "You know there is nothing more important than the truth."

King of Dragon Pass


There are several right answers here, according to the myth:

  • Lhankor Mhy allows Issaries to come along because he knows he didn't intend to sell the truth (Option 2)
  • Appealing to the trader in Issaries is also a valid option (Option 3)

To Issaries, the truth is not the most important thing, so saying that might result in failure at this stage. Also, Lhankor Mhy and Issaries are not exactly friends, Issaries thinks of Lhankor Mhy as the "Know-It-All" god, and Lhankor Mhy thinks of Issaries as the "Talks-Too-Much" god. So treating Issaries as a friend might not work as intended.

Stage 3

Then <Quester> sees a fearsome warrior who must be Storm Bull.

  1. Go on to the next station of the quest.
  2. "If you do not come, the trade routes will be confused forever."
  3. Leave the realm of the gods.
  4. "There is nothing more important than the truth."
  5. "This way! There is chaos to fight!"
  6. "We cannot end the Darkness unless we recover the truth."

King of Dragon Pass


Urox is not interested in trade routes or the truth, he is the fighter of chaos, so the last two options will get him to agree to come along (options 5 or 6).

Stage 4


Issaries said that, although the god he'd sold the truth to was across the great water, he knew a special shortcut that would take <Quester> there by land. "The land is beset by all varieties of chaos beasts. You might enjoy cataloging them, Knowing One, but Storm Bull will enjoy killing them even more." And indeed, you encounter many types of chaos creatures, including broos, gorp, slimekin, ghouls, and krarshkids. Finally, when travelling through a ruined city, the group is attacked by a gigantic chaos thing, one whos name can only be pronounced by the dead.

  1. Help Storm Bull fight the chaos thing directly.
  2. Lend magic to Storm Bull.
  3. Let Storm Bull fight alone.

King of Dragon Pass


Lhankor Mhy isn't the fighting type, and in the myth, Urox killed a variety of chaos creatures on his own. So the best course of action would be to let Urox fight alone (Option 3), although lending magic to him probably couldn't hurt (Unconfirmed).

Stage 5


Issaries leads <Quester> and Storm Bull to a far distant place, across the ocean and far to the south. Fortunately, he knows a short cut, and they are able to get there without any need for a boat.

When they arrive, their way is blocked by guardians who insist that <Quester> must undergo a Meeting Test with them. "I name one skill, and we compete against each other in that skill. Then you name a skill, and we compete with each other in that skill."

  1. Fight them.
  2. Leave the realm of the gods.
  3. Run around them.
  4. Try to win both contests.
  5. Try to lose both contests.
  6. Try to win one contest and lose the other.

King of Dragon Pass


Option 6 (Win one contest, lose another) is the best choice, although other choices can succeed. The myth does not mention this part of the story.

Stage 6


Issaries takes <Quester> through the short-cut that leads to the faraway place where he sold the truth. But he becomes distracted, showing more interest in an argument between mastodons and sabertooth tigers than in taking <Quester> to the god that bought the truth.

  1. "The truth is more important than reconciliation!"
  2. "The truth is more important than squabbling animals!"
  3. "Without the truth, there can be no trade."
  4. "Without the truth, there can be no travel."
  5. "Without truth, there can be no reconciliation."

King of Dragon Pass


Issaries would like to reconcilliate the warring animals, so Option 5 is the best course of action to convince him here.

Stage 7


Issaries takes <Quester> to the place where the one who bought the truth lived. That god is called Grandbread. He has the truth, but it is still twisted around. <Quester> demands that he give the truth back. Grandbread refuses: "It is mine now, and you shall not have it. Knowledge is my food. As soon as I untwist the truth, I will pound it into a meal, cook it into loaves of bread, and devour it." <Quester> challenges Grandbread to a game of questions. The game of questions went on so long that Grandbread became ravenously hungry. He tried to eat the truth as it was, in its sharp and twisted form. The thorns of the distorted truth punctured his stomach, so that his torso opened up and the truth fell back out of him again.

  1. "Why did you do that?"
  2. "Who is the god of hunger?"
  3. "The game of questions is now over."
  4. "Which animals did my kinsman Issaries meet?"

King of Dragon Pass


According to the myth, Lhankor Mhy asked him why he did that, and Grandbread was unable to answer due to his shame, thus losing the game. (Option 1)

Asking him who Issaries met might be a valid option too (Option 4) (Unverified)

Stage 8

Lhankor mhy finds truth

Now <Quester> was alone with the truth, but it was still thorny and twisted. How could he put it back in its pure form?

  1. Abandon the quest.
  2. Dull its thorns.
  3. Polish its surfaces.
  4. Put a leather sheet over your head and think.
  5. Untwist its loops.

King of Dragon Pass


In the myth, Lhankor Mhy did all of the following:

  • Polished it (Option 3)
  • Put a leather sheet over his head (Option 4)
  • Untwisted it (Option 5)

These are all valid answers, however Option 4 may grant the best result, as that is the last thing Lhankor Mhy did.

Stage 9

The text will vary depending on your previous answer, what doesn't vary is:

Issaries came in and asked a foolish question.

  1. Answer his question.
  2. Scold him for interrupting.

King of Dragon Pass


After scolding him several times, Lhankor Mhy answered his question in the myth. (Option 1) That is what you will need to do to complete the heroquest.



Congratulations, you've succeeded!

Issaries left without a word of thanks, and <Quester> turned back to look at the truth. It wasn't twisted anymore! He had to figure this out. At length, he decided that, in responding quickly to Issaries, without much thought, he had stopped trying to mold the truth into the shape he wanted it to be. He had instead allowed the truth to come to him.

Storm Bull got bored and wandered away; Issaries bade farewell to <Quester>.

King of Dragon Pass

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