Lhankor Mhy God-Talker


Random Event

Notable Rewards Bowl of Plenty

Event Dialogue

A Lhankor Mhy god-talker from the <X> clan,  <Y>, told us there was a secret buried in one of our fields. <Y> comes to visit for a while. He spends hours huddled with <Your clan's Lhankor Mhy worshiper>, and walks erratically over our clan lands. As he leaves, he tells us that he suspects we have a secret.

"I read the scrolls and performed divinations. If you dig in the field between the three immovable rocks, you will find it." Then he is gone. 

  1. Ignore his advice.  
  2.  Dig in the field.
  3.  Perform our own divination on this matter.

King of Dragon Pass


Digging in the field will either disrupt field work and upset the farmers, or discover the treasure Bowl of Plenty.

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