Malia Propitiation
Propitiating Malia


Chain Event

Happens when Sacrificed to Malia
Previous Pox Plague
Next Enough is Enough

One reason people sacrifice to the Dark Gods is that they usually get results. However, it tends to be a Faustian bargain since they always want more.  And if you don't comply? You may end up in an even worse situation than what sent you to the dark deities.

Event Dialogue

It has been about a year since we last sacrificed to Malia, goddess of disease.  Do we wish to do so again, or do we risk angering her by ending the sacrifices?
  1. End the sacrifices.
  2. Sacrifice again.
  3. Resign yourself to annual propitiation.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Malia will be very displeased if you end the sacrifices. You won't take any grief from the other nearby clans. However, you will be facing another plague within a year.
  • Sacrificing again will satisfy Malia for another year, but if you keep going down this path, you will face this exact event all over again. Not to mention risking the ire of the other clans.
  • Annual propitiation to Malia will keep your clan disease free, but expect the other Orlanthi to be very upset with you.


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