This is one of the better endings, but not the best...

Event Dialogue

It is now time for <X> to marry the Feathered Horse Queen and become King of Dragon Pass. Even though your tribe was never in the running for this honor, your people have been invited to the wedding. The ceremony is a long way away from you, though. From a distance, you see The Inhuman King, Lord High Dragonewt. He had come to officiate at the wedding, although you're not sure why. He gives his blessings to <X>. You are too far away to make out what he is saying. The mood of your people is mixed. On one hand, they are excited to be part of this new phase in the history of Dragon Pass. On the other, they are disappointed that the chronicles of this momentous occasion will mention our clan briefly, if at all. Still, they remind themselves that the deeds of their clan are already legendary, and in their own way outshine <X>'s achievement. "Although we did not win the hand of the Feathered Horse Queen," <Ring Member> said, "at least we maintained large herds, and that is important." "We can console ourselves with our success in trade," <Trader> says. "<X> may be the King of Dragon Pass, but you can bet he will soon be courting our generosity." "We may not rule Dragon Pass, but at least we are well-esteemed by our neighbors," <King/Queen> said.

King of Dragon Pass


A few parts of the text are adaptive.

  • The opening will change based on why your monarch failed. Having your monarch die just before the wedding results in "Even though your (king/queen) was treacherously slain after completing the tests, you have been relegated to a distant part of the amphitheater. This is a day for (rival monarch), not for the dead."
  • Your nobles' remarks will be appropriate for your status. It's likely at this point that your clan is in good shape so they will have good things to say. But, for example, if you butcher many cows right before the wedding, they will appropriately lament that your herds are small. If you have poor relations with neighbors, your chief will say, "Our humiliation is great. The other clans hold us in contempt, and celebrate our failure."


Game over.

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