Mercenary Services
Favors information


Random Event

Requires Shrine to Humakt

With your building of a Humakti shrine/temple, you have established your devotion to the God of Death, or at least some of your people do.  As a result, someone comes forward to contact you for some bloody work they need done. 

Event Dialogue

<W>, a thane of the <X> clan, comes before you seeking to hire your Humakti warriors as mercenaries.  "You have a temple to the Death God, and many vaunted warriors who venerate him with their swords.  We wish to employ them, directing their holy wrath at the elders of the <Y> clan.  They have raided us every Fire season for the past three years, and we wish to show them that we can no longer be trifled with.  We will give you # cows for each member of the <Y> outer ring your Humakti fighters wound or slay."
  1. Agree to their terms.
  2. Ask for more.
  3. Do as they ask, seeking nothing in return.
  4. Refuse them, then warn the <Y>.
  5. Refuse them.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you agree to their terms, then you may pick a warleader, and the number of warriors to send.  The greater the number, the greater the slain, the greater the reward.  However, there is always a chance your warparty will defeated, so you may have wounded/slain, worsening of the clan mood, and no reward to show for it.  Needless to say the <Y> will be angry at you.
  • If you are good at bargaining, you may want to ask for more. As above, success will get you rewarded, failure earns nothing but wounded/slain, worsening clan mood, and the anger of the <Y>.
  • If you ask for nothing in return, expect your relations with the <X> to go up.  However, failure garners the same results as above.
  • If you refuse the <X>, but warn the <Y>, your warriors are safe, but the <X> will definitely dislike you, and relations with <Y> grow better.
  • Refusing the <X> only worsens relations with the <X>.

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