Moldy Book for Sale
Hope you did your homework.


Random Event

Requires Intellectual ring member
Notable Rewards Moldy Book

Few Orlanth prize knowledge for its own sake, but those clans who do will find great friends in the devotees of Lhankor Mhy.

Event Dialogue

Traders from the <X> clan arrive with a huge, mouldering moth-eaten book. They claim that someone in your clan has agreed to purchase it. There is some confusion over who this might be, until <ring member> steps forward and claims the book. "This book has all sorts of information in it, dating all the way back to the Empire of Wyrm's Friends. It has many poems and stories, all of great usefulness. They are selling it to us for a mere 80 cows."
  1. Allow the purchase.
  2. Allow the purchase; encourage the <X> to make a reciprocal gift.
  3. Call off the purchase.
  4. Take the book by force.
  5. Try to renegotiate the price.

King of Dragon Pass

Note: X refers to the clan whose description is:  They're known for their collection of ancient texts.


  • A simple purchase, be sure you can afford the 80 cows they ask for.  Otherwise, you may find your cattle herds too small.
  • You may defer some of the cost if you convince the <X> to make a reciprocal gift, if you consider just how expensive the book is.  Success is no guarantee, but might be easier than trying to renegotiate the price since clans who give gifts know their reputation increases with their generosity. 
  • If you call off the purchase, you will anger the <X> clan, and lose the chance to acquire this treasure.
  • You can take the book by force and save the expense in cows, but you'll pay in another way. <Ring member> is so scandalized that he/she will leave your clan and permanently join the <X>. Obviously, the <X> are not happy about it either.
  • You can try to renegotiate the price, but unless you have a good trader, asking the <X> to make a reciprocal gift may be better course of action.

Acquisition of the Moldy Book will also give you a heroquest myth.


If you acquire the book, you now have the following treasure:

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