Monarch's Misrule
Spit Take


Chain Event

Happens when Low tribal mood
Requires Tribe
Next Rebellion II: Call to Arms,
Rebellion: Traitor Confrontation,
Call for Abdication, or
Day of Battle (Tribe at War)

It usually is nice to be wanted, but tread carefully when rebellion is the topic of the day.

Note:  This event may occur when the tribe's mood is low, and the king/queen is not from your clan.

Event Dialogue

Nobles from some of the other clans of the tribe seek allies in their dispute with the king/queen.  "The wrong candidate was chosen.  <Monarch>'s misrule is obvious.  No one has confidence in his justice.  Enemies vex us and are made bold by his lack of royal attributes.  Will you join us in a campaign against this false leader?"

1.  Bide your time.
2.  Hear them out, then warn the king/queen.
3.  Help make war against the king/queen.
4.  Join the others in demanding that the king/queen step down.
5.  "You exaggerate.  Give the king/queen a chance to rule."

King of Dragon Pass


  • Biding your time is the default decision, though it may be the best.  Of course, the fact you sat out, letting things come as it may won't endear you to other clans, but the fact you weren't their foe won't count against you either.
  • Hearing out the rebels, then warning your king/queen will please the king/queen, as well as other loyal clans.  Obviously, the rebel clans will be angry at your betrayal, but if the king/queen stays in power, then it matters little.  Your king/queen will ask for advice in how to deal with the rebels:  Give cows to the rebel clans, declare war against the rebels, or declare war against a common enemy.  Success will have the king/queen follow your course of action, but failure has them bide their time.
  • Making war against the king/queen puts you in the rebel's camp.  Defeat will cost you warriors, as well as worsened relations with the winner.  Victory will allow for a new king/queen to be chosen.
  • If you dislike what your monarch is doing, but don't feel ready for armed conflict, you could try and convince the kinq/queen to step down.  The better the speaker, the greater the chance of persuading the monarch to abdicate.  Success opens the way for a new king/queen. Failure earns the monarch's ire, and then rebellion.
  • If you wish to try and get some of the rebellious clans to rejoin the monarch's side, you can convince them to give the king/queen a "chance to rule".  Success will have a few of the rebellious clans join the king's/queen's side, while failure will strengthen the rebel's resolve.


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