The morale, or mood, of your clan is an indicator of how confident your population is in your leadership. The morale of your clan can be seen on the Clan icon clan screen, and is divided between three important groups: the overall clan mood, the farmers' morale and the weaponthanes' morale.

Clan Mood

The clan mood is a representation of how happy your clan is with your decisions as a leader, whether they are confident in their future, or fear for it.

When your people are happy, they are more likely to forgive the occasional unpopular decision you may make. If they are unhappy to begin with, making another bad decision may result in a big mood hit, that can lead to rebellion.

The terms used to describe the clan's mood are as follows, from the happiest to the unhappiest:

Jubilant > Splendid > Happy > Contented > Optimistic > Reserved > Worried > Dissatisfied > Gloomy > Ugly > Grim. (Reserved being the neutral state.)

Farmer & Weaponthane Morale

While the clan mood represents your people's hopes and fears concerning their leadership and their future, the morale of your farmers and weaponthanes is meant to give a sense of how well they are doing their jobs, and their feelings about how fairly they are treated by the clan ring.

The terms used to describe the morale of both your farmers and weaponthanes are as follows, from the happiest to the unhappiest:

Unshakeable > Confident > Secure > Resolved > Uncertain > Discontented > Disgruntled > Shaken > Despairing. (Resolved being the neutral state.)

Raising Spirits

Morale is a fragile thing, and taking mood hits is sometimes inavoidable.

Weaponthane and farmer morale will affect the overall clan mood: if the farmers and weaponthanes are happy, they will slightly lift the spirits of the people. Same goes when they are unhappy, they may drag the clan down in a spiral of misery.

Something to keep in mind is that you'll rarely see farmers and weaponthanes agree on anything. Farmers enjoy safety and cows, and dislike having to feed many weaponthanes, that eat twice as much as anyone else. Weaponthanes on the other hand, revel in the glory of war, and strive to protect the ungrateful farmers' lands. This means that some of your decisions may make your farmers happy, but your weaponthanes unhappy, and vice-versa. Luckily, not everything rests on this dynamic, and there are other ways to keep everyone happy.


There are only two blessings that directly impact the morale of your population:

  • Lhankor Mhy's Lawspeaker, that helps maintain the clan mood by resolving small legal cases and disputes within the clan.
  • Chalana Arroy's Hope, that raises the spirits of the most troubled group of your clan, be it the farmers, the weaponthanes, or the clan.


If you are desperate to raise your clan mood, a successful heroquest can do the trick.

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