Mordrim the Stout: Blacktail Desired


Random Event

Requires Owning Blacktail
Next Generosity Repaid
Blacktail Theft
Buyer Beware

Each clan wants as many treasures as possible, though some are more desirable than others.  One day, wealthy man comes to your tula asking for your magical bull...

Event Dialogue

Bear in mind this event will only occur if Blacktail is alive.

Mordrim the Stout, a prosperous farmer from the <X> clan, has come to offer to trade for Blacktail the best bull in your herds.  He is accompanied by his two sons Korlmar and Harnkorl.  He makes no secret of his determination to get that bull, offering 30 cows worth of trade goods for it.
  1. Accept his offer
  2. Gift him with the bull
  3. Refuse to sell, but offer stud service
  4. Refuse to sell the bull
  5. Sell him Blacktail for 40 cows worth of goods

King of Dragon Pass


  • As the owner of the bull, you possess the right of refusal.  This will strengthen your cattle herds with your bull's fertility.  It also leads to another event...
  • Though you may refuse, Mordrim won't say no to the stud offer, and will even give slight amount of goods as a...servicing...fee.
  • Mordrim really wants the bull, and is likely to pay more than his offer.  However, there is a chance he will decide not to purchase the bull.
  • Agreeing to his price without bargaining nets you 30 goods.
  • Remember, generosity is also a key Orlanthi virtue.  As such, you may be ahead to just gift Mordrim the bull.


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