Mordrim the Stout: Buyer Beware


Chain Event

Previous Blacktail Desired

Mordrim is back, and with some sad news. Now you must decide if your clan has a return policy on defective merchandise.

Event Dialogue

Mordrim the Stout, to whom you sold the great bull Blacktail, is back, accompanied by his sons and thane Baranik of the <X>. "The animal you sold me died," says Mordrim. "As the bull was sick, it is only just that you return my goods."
  1. Offer another bull.
  2. Refuse this claim.
  3. Return all his goods.
  4. Return half his goods

King of Dragon Pass


  • Offering another bull is likely the best choice. Blacktail was special, so you may end up parting with more than one bull, but remember that Mordrim had paid you a large number of goods, so you still profit overall.
  • Your ring notes that refusing the claim is within your legal rights. But some of the <X> clan may think less of you for it.

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