Mordrim the Stout: Generosity Repaid


Chain Event

Notable Rewards Son of Blacktail
Previous Blacktail Desired

Kindess can be its own reward, however in this case it is of a more tangible nature.

Event Dialogue

Mordrim the Stout of the <X clan> returns, his robes even richer than before.  In appreciation for your allowing Blacktail to improve his herds, he offers you your choice of rewards.  Do you want a selection of fine goods, the famous sword Thanestriker, or a bull calf sired by Blacktail.
  1. Accept the bull calf
  2. Accept the selection of goods
  3. Accept the sword
  4. Ask for Blacktail back instead
  5. Decline his offer; ask instead for a feast for your two clans

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  There is one variation in which, if you don't have a temple to Uralda, Mordrim offers to build one at his expense. 


  • If you accept the calf, you gain a new treasure, Son of Blacktail.
  • If you accept the sword, you gain the treasure Thanestriker.
  • You may ask for Blacktail back. You might get it back, or you might not. Either way, Mordrim and his clan will be displeased.
  • If you accept the goods, you gain just that.
  • There is a variation where, if you don't have a temple to Uralda, Mordrim will build one for your clan.
  •  Mordrim is certainly willing to throw a feast for both clans, and this raises your reputation with Mordrim's clan. If relations are already good, it can cause the start of an alliance.

Note:  The Son of Blacktail will eventually grow into Full Grown Son of Blacktail

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