Mordrim the Stout: Treasure Wanted


Random Event

As successful a farmer as he is, Mordrim has a desire to procure items of a magical nature, treasures which your clan possess.

Event Dialogue

Mordrim the Stout, a prosperous farmer from the <X> clan, and his sons Korlmar and Harnkorl, arrive at your tula.  "I understand you have <treasure>," he says, "I am prepared to offer you 40 cows worth of goods for it." 
  1. Accept his offer
  2. Accept if he promises the <X> will owe us a favor
  3. Dicker with him
  4. Give him <treasure>
  5. Offer another <treasure>
  6. Refuse to sell

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  If Mordrim is seeking Blacktail, then go to Mordrim the Stout: Blacktail Desired encounter.


  • You may refuse to sell the treasure.  However, Mordrim may desire it so much you may encounter him trying to steal it.
  • If you wish to retain the treasure, but want to sell another (especially if the treasure is a unique one), Mordrim is often willing to go for it.  (Good time to stock up on Spirit Fetches, or sell an item you can regain during a heroquest.)
  • If it isn't goods you want, Mordrim's clan is willing to owe you a favor
  • Most Orlanthi merchants are willing to dicker, and some expect it.
  • You can also give Mordrim the treasure, and relations will improve with his clan.


  • If Mordrim wants a treasure you don't want to get rid of, you can always play the reload/save game.
  • If Mordrim is refused too often, he may go to extreme lengths to get the item, and you may catch him in the act.

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