Mount Kero Fin, also known as Wintertop is the destination of choice for Orlanthi on pilgrimage. As the mother of their spiritual leader, she holds sacred significance. As such, when you send an exploration party, you will find many encounters. Supernatural occurrences are common, as well as visionquests, and other happenings.

Dragon Pass Map

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Due west of your tula and to the northeast of Upland Marsh, you will find Wintertop, the Mount Kero Fin.


Exploration Events

Wind Spirits Encountered

Automatic Events/"Treasures"

The events mentioned here aren't ones where you actually have a choice in what happens.  Instead, they happen randomly. While in most areas in dragon pass, the positive results to such events are usually gaining a treasure, these instead offer a unique shrine, perk, or raiding option.

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