Naughty, Naughty Boy


Random Event

Kids will be kids, and Orlanthi expect the normal growing pains among their youth.  However, sometimes their antics go beyond the pale, and then your clan is faced with the dilemma of punishing the child as an adult, as a child, or somewhere in between.

Event Dialogue

<X>, the willful child of well-liked carls, has a history of making trouble.  But now he has done the unthinkable.  He has desecrated your <God Name> temple, throwing cow dung all over the holy shrines.  When asked why he would do such a thing, he only shrugs.  His parents are beside themselves with shame and anger.  The god-talkers conduct the usual rites to restore the balance of the temple. 
  1. Conduct an additional, powerful temple-purification ritual
  2. Outlaw him, and see to it that he is killed.
  3. Outlaw him
  4. Send for shamans to see if the boy is possessed
  5. "Let his kinfolk deal with it."

King of Dragon Pass


When you get this event, you will lose some clan magic, representing the sacrilege done to the temple.

Desecrating a shrine is punishable by outlawing the offender (if not worse).  However, children certainly aren't held to the same status as an adult.

  • If decide to do a purification ritual, success will garner additional clan magic.
  • Outlawing the child will see his parents leave as well.  If you decide to see the child slain, then you will pick someone from your clan to do the deed, and then they must flee as well (killing a child isn't exactly smiled upon, even if it is at the ring's order).  Also, outlawing/killing the child will cause some distress in the clan as well.
  • Sometimes, it turns out the boy is possessed, and shamans may successfully exorcise him. Otherwise, you may have to pay shamans for nothing.
  • Probably the safest option is to let the child's kinfolk deal with it.  An uncle will tell him some scary stories, and hopefully it will scare him straight.

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