Need More Cows!


Random Event

Happens when Too few cows

Cattle are a vital part of any clan; whether it provides milk and food, it is the basis of the Orlanthi economy.  When its herds get too small, a clan starts to worry...

Event Dialogue

Senior carls have been calculating the number of cows needed to sustain the clan, and have concluded that you are headed for disaster.  "If we don't get more cows, we'll starve."  The people can count just as well as anyone else, and know that the clan is headed for trouble.  They have grown restive, and want to know what the clan ring is going to do about the situation.
  1. "We will get cows by raiding."
  2. "We will sacrifice to Uralda."
  3. "We will trade for more cows."
  4. "You are wrong.  We have enough cows."
  5. "You must trust the ring; we will do what is right."

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you decide to gain more cows by raiding, sacrificing to Uralda, or trading will have your clan immediately embark on your course of action.  Failure to do so will cause discontent.
  • A good speaker may persuade the carls you actually have enough cattle...sometimes you actually do.  However, if they don't believe your assessment, expect the clan's mood to worsen.
  • Telling the people to trust the ring is a good response not tying you into any one course of action.  However, if your persuasion fails, the clan will grow discontented.

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