Neighboring Clan Devastated


Random Event

Given how intense one's rivalries may be, it should be no wonder when a clan suffers major losses due to any number of enemies.

Event Dialogue

Traders tell you that <Race> have raided the <X>, who are members of the <Y> tribe.  It is worse than usual; the <X> have lost many lives and much wealth.
  1. Demand tribute.
  2. Do nothing.
  3. Give them gifts.
  4. Tell them another clan sent the <race> after them.
  5. Tell them you sent the <Race> after them.

King of Dragon Pass

Note: <Race> could be the Beastfolk,Dragonewts,Dwarves, Elves, Trolls, etc.


  • In their weakened state, demanding tribute is bound to succeed, at least in the short term.  Needless to say, this is a good way to make an enemy of <X>.
  • Doing nothing has no benefit or negative.
  • If you wish to improve relations, giving gifts is the way to their hearts.  The greater the amount, the better the response.
  • If you are rather persuasive, you may wish to tell the <X> that another clan sent the <Race> after them, which can work to your advantage.  However, if your lie fails, expect both clans dislike to grow greater.
  • If your intent is to start a feud, telling <X> you sent the foes after them will certainly speed the process up. 

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