A land as rich in magic as Dragon Pass creates a large number of encounters which can only be described as mystical. 

These happen randomly, though sometimes they may effect your clan.

Chaos Outbreak

There has been an outbreak of chaos on the tula of the <Y> clan.  <X> plague their lands.  The other god-talkers and I think that this was caused by <Z>.  It's entirely possible that this chaos will spread to other tulas, maybe even ours.

King of Dragon Pass


  • X = chittering things, many-toothed forest crawlers
  • Z = impiety, an episode of kinslaying, too many new ideas

Dragonewt Activity

The tula of the <X> clan is haunted by strange dragonewt activity.  Seven times now have dragonewts crept into <X> steads at night, to sing a song to the children.  Some of the children now have different colored eyes than they did before.

King of Dragon Pass

Empowered Hunter

<X>, one of the clan's finest hunters, met a [Y] that taught her how to move as quietly and quickly as the breeze.  <X> seems to have gained a great deal of power.

King of Dragon Pass

Y= talking bear, Godplane army, holy wind, living rainbow


<X>, one of the clan's finest hunters met a <Y>.  <X> seems to have gained a great deal of power.

King of Dragon Pass

Y = 

  • a hero-form of an ancient god that taught her secrets our ancestors had forgotten in the Darkness
  • met a ten-foot salmon that taught her stories that are so powerful and funny that animals gather to hear them.

Frolicking Bull

The tula of the <X> clan is haunted by strange dragonewt activity.  A dragonewt has been frolicking with the prize bull of <Y>, chief of the <X>, and doing so in a most unseemly manner.  The bull seems to be happy, though.

King of Dragon Pass

Malevolent Wind Spirit


King of Dragon Pass

Measures Against Chaos

People of the <X> clan have taken stern measures against chaos, and report success in their battle with those things which are enemies to us all.  They arranged for shamans from far-off Prax to summon spirits of law.  This should reduce the threat of chaos throughout the area; even we may benefit from their determined actions.

King of Dragon Pass

Reptilian Suitor

The tula of the <X> clan is haunted by strange dragonewt activity.  The daughter of <Y>, chief ofthe <X>, dreamt that she was betrothed to a dragonewt prince.  Since then, odd sounds are heard from the woods near the chief's stead, and the people there are nervous.

King of Dragon Pass

Stronger Clan Magic

Our clan magic has grown stronger.  It is hard to say why.  Perhaps it's because we are being reward for keeping our courage and bravery in this sometimes harsh land.

Perhaps it's because we're far from the oceans which betrayed and attacked our ancestors during the Great Darkness.
Perhaps it's because we have closely followed in the footsteps of our ancestors.

King of Dragon Pass

Undead Uprising

We have heard rumors that the tula of clan <X> is beset by undead creatures.  Wights mock the clan leaders and defile their shrines and temples.  We hope that this does not spread to our tula.

King of Dragon Pass

Weaker Clan Magic

Alas, our clan magic has grown weaker!  There are many reasons this could be so.  Perhaps we can blame all of the sullen girls, who will not work the fields, dreaming only of handsome husband who will take them away from us.

King of Dragon Pass

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