Odaylan Hunters: Game Ritual


Random Event

The woods surround Orlanthi tulas.  It is in this environment that followers of Odayla thrive.

Event Dialogue:

Followers of the hunter god, Odayla, appear before you to make an offer.  "We will gather many other devotees of Odayla here, and we will perform a ritual that will increase the availability of game in this area.  Naturally, we would expect you to give us a reason to perform this ritual."
  1. Accept their offer; give them reciprocal gifts
  2. Accept their offer; tell them you owe them a favor
  3. Persuade them to do it for nothing, as a religious gesture
  4. Refuse them
  5. Offer them a share of your clan magic

King of Dragon Pass


  • Few people do anything for nothing, and the Cult of Odayla certainly doesn't.
  • You may refuse them, but expect game to be scarce in your woods.
  • Giving aid means your forests will have even more game than before.

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