Odaylan Hunters: Heroquest Aid


Random Event

Event Dialogue:

Devotees of Odayla, the hunting god, seek your aid."Game has been getting scarce of late, and we blame it on the depradations of Gagarth, god of the Wild Hunt, the left-blowing wind, who delights in fighting others of the storm tribe. <X>, the greatest among us, wishes to enter the realm of the gods to bring back the game that Gagarth has scared away. Our cult is small, and we need the support of others if <X> is to succeed.
  1. Lend them a treasure
  2. Offer them a share of your clan magic
  3. Refuse them
  4. Sacrifice to Odayla on their behalf
  5. Send worshippers to the ceremony

King of Dragon Pass


  • Refusal will see a decrease in the amount of game the clan's hunters can procure.
  • Giving aid doesn't guarantee success. Failure will result in the loss of a clan's treasure, or possible worshipper death (depending on the choice made). Sacrifices, and clan magic is gone either way.
  • Success, however, definitely increases the amount of game available.

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