Offer of Alliance


Random Event

It should come as no surprise that when a clan is doing well, other clans may try to ally with them for the good of both.  However, be careful whom you ally with since many who crave your attention really don't have anything to offer in return.

Event Dialogue

<X>, a prosperous herdsman of the <Y> clan, appears before you bearing an offer of alliance from his clan leaders.  He bears gifts for you.  "Our two clans have similar interests," <X> says, "And should band together to face the many threats that beset us in this unyielding land.  We can pool the knowledge of our god-talkers, and prosper when we go questing in the realm of the gods.  What do you say?"
  1. Agree to an alliance.
  2. Decline his offer.
  3. "If we agreed, we would have too many allies to please."
  4. See if you can get more gifts out of him.
  5. Send him packing.

King of Dragon Pass

Variants:  There are variant bits of dialogue in what the other clan can bring to the alliance.  Some include trading, warriors, etc.


  • If you wish to have allies, then simply agree to an alliance.
  • Having too many allies can be a problem, and you may say decline the offer.  Your reputation will go down with <Y>, though they may understand why.  You probably should try a more tactful approach (see below).
  • The more diplomatic answer, declining because having too many allies will satisfy the <Y> as long as you have someone persuasive enough.  Otherwise, they will simply assume they aren't worth your attention, and grow displeased at the brush-off.
  • If you are someone the <Y> really wish to have on their side, then you should be able to get more gifts out of them.  However, they may get angry at your greed, and rescince the offer.
  • Looking for an excuse to stir something up?  Then send the diplomat packing.

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