Omen of Woe


Random Event

Orlanth has bad associations with birds, so it should come as no surprise that his worshippers consider birds an ill-omen...

Event Dialogue

<Y>, a young, unmarried woman of your clan, sees a terrible omen.  As she is sitting doing needlework, the shadow of a bird passes over her.  When the people hear of this, they are very troubled; this omen means that some grave disaster looms.  It might mean death, or illness for the girl or one of her kinfolk, or trouble for the entire clan.
  1. Do nothing.
  2. Sacrifice to the gods for luck.
  3. "This is not a bad omen."
  4. "We are strong enough to face any misfortune."
  5. Send her on a pilgrimage to Kero Fin.

King of Dragon Pass

There is one variation in which Option 5 is replaced with sending the young woman to a distant clan.


  • If you do nothing, it is random whether anything comes of the omen or not. This may worry the people though.
  • If you wish to be on the safe side, you can sacrifice to the gods.  If they don't accept the offering, though, it may exacerbate bad luck.
  • You can certainly convince people it is nothing special.  Birds fly all the time, after all, and it stands to reason shadows fall on someone all the time.  If the clan doesn't believe you?  Then morale may suffer.
  • A clan sure of its strength, even in the face of adversity, is one who's people will rally around.
  • For the more religious minded, an expedition to Mount Kero Fin will instill confidence in the clan if they see a positive augury.
  • In the variation, sending the young woman away will lead her to become a strong god-talker in the other clan

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