Ordangmar the Poet


Random Event

Poets hold a special place of honor among the Orlanthi.  However, it seems there is always someone who takes offense at a work of art...

Event Dialogue

The famed poet Ordangmar of clan <X> is your honored guest a great feast.  As he recites, most are enraptured by his satirical verse.  But, <Y>, one of your thanes, looks angry. Perhaps he thinks that the "dung-daubed nobleman" of Ordangmar's poem is meant to be him.
  1. Allow a duel between <Y> and Ordangmar.
  2. Ask Ordangmar to apologize.
  3. Convince <Y> he isn't the character in the poem.
  4. Mind your own business.
  5. Propose an arm-wrestling match between the two.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Allowing a duel presents you with two more options:  letting Ordangmar himself duel, or pick someone to represent Ordangmar.
    • If Ordangmar duels, he is likely to lose, even be killed.  This really angers the <X clan> as you may imagine. 
    • If you pick a representative, Ordangmar will live.  If the representative loses, the relations go down a tad with the the <X clan>.  If <Y> loses, then your weaponthanes morale lowers a little.
  • If you are persuasive, Ordangmar will apologize to <Y>, saying the poem is just a coincidence.  Failure will have Ordangmar needle <Y> further, and to issue a challenge.
  • Successfully convincing <Y> he isn't the subject of the poem may be a tad easier, especially if your clan morale is good.  Failure will have <Y> wanting to challenge Ordangmar.
  • Mind your own business may not be the optimum course.  <Y> will get the weaponthanes upset.  It is currently unknown what happens to Ordangmar, though he may suffer an...accident...
  • An arm-wrestling match is definitely better than a duel, but usually doesn't end well.  Ordangmar usually loses (such as with a broken arm), and the <X> clan aren't pleased by any stretch.  If Ordangmar wins, your weaponthanes will be upset, but you can whether that outcome better. He may also feel insulted and just leave, promising to never return.

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