Apart from your own clan, other Orlanthi clans and tribes inhabit Dragon Pass. The clans are randomly generated at the start of each new game. It's up to you to form friendships and alliances, or feuds with them.

Clan Descriptions

Note that with each new game, the clans are randomly named. However, the descriptions of them are as follows:


Depending on how close these clans are to the player's clan, they are possible members of your tribe, as well as different areas of negotation when trying to recruit them to your tribe.

There are five other clans, and they are already joined into the Colymar tribe.  Their descriptions are:

  • They're known for keeping close ties with their former kin in Heortland.
  • They're known for dancing in every thunderstorm.
  • They're known for their unrelenting hatred of the Pharaoh.
  • They're known for their fine apples.
  • They're known for making Clearwine.

During game play, it is possible for other clans to appear, whether from random events, such as  Permission to Pass Through, or if they separate via Splitting From The Clan.  They also have a multitude of descriptions, depending on how many form:

  • They're known for worshipping a dead river goddess.
  • They're known for painting themselves green during Sacred Time.
  • They're known for wearing powerful invisible tattoos.
  • They're known for teaching animals how to talk.
  • They're known for initiating their children in treehouses.
  • They're known for performing divinations by flying sacred kites.
  • They're known for speaking with a strange, heavy accent.

You can eventually run out of clan descriptions.  However, more clans may still be created, but it will only list their chief.

Possible Clan Names

These are possible clan names for the other clans in your game.  Each clan gets a random name with each new game.

  • Anmangarn
  • Antorling
  • Apple
  • Bachad
  • Badger
  • Bayberry
  • Blue Jay
  • Blue Spruce
  • Boskovi
  • Eagle
  • Elkenval
  • Ernaldori
  • Fire Quartz
  • Greenwing
  • Greydog
  • Heran
  • Hiord
  • Jerending
  • Kardvari
  • Karandoli
  • Konthasos
  • Lysang
  • Mule Deer
  • Namolding
  • Narri
  • Old Owl
  • Orlmarth
  • Orlundi
  • Peluski
  • Rakstanti
  • Red Fox
  • Six Brothers
  • Squat Oak
  • Stag Hearth
  • Tanahart
  • Taraling
  • Tree Brother
  • Turtle
  • Undaroli
  • Varmandi
  • Vostang
  • Wildcat


Eventually, the various clans will unite to form into tribes.  While you can pick a name you enjoy, it can also be established randomly.  Some include:

  • Aranwyth
  • Culbrea
  • Estarelder
  • Sambari

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