Orlkensor I: Introduction


Chain Event

Next Uroxi Rival

A man with a mysterious past comes into your clan.  Are you willing to see what the future may hold, or press him to go on?

Event Dialogue

<X> introduces the ring members to Orlkensor Bronzebones, a warrior of the <Y> clan.  Orlkensor has been outlawed by <Y's chief>.  <X> says that he knows Orlkensor well.  "Orlkensor doesn't want to say why he was outlawed, but he is a true and just fellow, so the ruling must be political.  We should take him in."

1.  Demand that he explain why he was outlawed.
2.  Find another clan to take him in.
3.  Give him quarters in <X>'s stead.
4.  Give him quarters in the chief's hall.
5.  Refuse him.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you ask Orklensor why he was outlawed, he refuses to answer. 
  • If you don't trust a man who was banished from his clan, you can recommend him to another clan.  If this works out positively, then you will get a minor reward.  If it fails, Orlkensor continues to move on.
  • If you give him quarters in <X>'s stead, you take Orlkensor into the tribe.  You will find him to be a capable warrior, sometimes getting special mention of his feats in combat.
  • Giving him quarters in the chief's hall is an honor.  This will irritate the weaponthanes.  With Orlkensor being newly arrived, he hasn't earned the honor to live in the chief's hall.
  • If you refuse Orlkensor's services, this will also anger your weaponthanes.  They see him as a very capable warrior, and shouldn't be casually dismissed.

Quest Chain

Uroxi Rival
Face Down
United with

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