Orlkensor II: Uroxi Rival


Chain Event

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Another piece of Orlkensor's puzzle appears...

Event Dialogue

A warrior of Urox from the <Y> appears in a rage, demanding that Orlkensor Bronzebones, the outlaw you took in last season, come out to fight him.  "You have besmirched my honor, and must pay with your life," the Uroxi cries.  Orlkensor is in your clan hall.  He refuses to confront the man.  "I have sworn a sacred vow to Ernalda that I will not harm him.  And if we fight, one of us will surely die."

1.  Ask Orlkensor why the Uroxi seeks him.
2.  Ask the Uroxi why his honor is besmirched.
3.  Demand that Orlkensor fight the Uroxi.
4.  Suggest that they resolve their differences peacefully.
5.  Use force to drive the Uroxi off.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you ask Orlkensor why the Uroxi seeks him, you are met with another round of no answers.
  • The Uroxi refuses to explain further just why his honor is besmirched.
  • If you demand Orlkensor fight the Uroxi, you must be very persuasive.  Otherwise, Orlkensor just shakes his head, reminding you of his vow not ot harm the Uroxi.  However, if Orlkensor does fight, there is no guarantee he will defeat the Uroxi.  Looks like it is 50/50 on victory.  An Uroxi victory has the chain end, the man satisfied with his victory.  If Orlkensor wins, it leads to another event.
  • You can suggest the two settle their differences peacefully, but if one wants war (the Uroxi), then peace is impossible. 
  • The Uroxi is on your land, and is belligerent...and he refuses to leave.  You are well within your rights to drive the Uroxi off.  However, unless your weaponthanes are strong enough, the Uroxi will wound several warriors, and then wander off, saying he won't violate the sanctity of your tula


Quest Chain

Uroxi Rival
Face Down
United with

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