Orlkensor III-B: Valensta


Chain Event

Previous Uroxi Rival
Next United with Valensta

A strange woman appears, and suddenly some of the animosity the Uroxi bore poor Orlkensor makes sense...

Event Dialogue

The dead Uroxi's clan insignia identify him as being from clan <Y>, which is also the clan Orlkensor was outlawed from.  Not long after you return the Uroxi's body, Valensta, a young noblewoman of that clan comes to ask about Orlkensor.  She seems very said.  When she learns that Orlkensor has left, she asks you which way he was headed.

1.  Casually ask her about her relationship to Orlkensor and the Uroxi.
2.  Interrogate her closely about her relationship to Orlkensor and the Uroxi.
3.  Point her in the wrong direction.
4.  Tell her to go away.
5.  Tell her which way Orlkensor was headed.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you ask casually ask Valensta about Orlkensor and Uroxi, she will evade the question, simply saying the Uroxi was insanely jealous.
  • If you interrogate her more closely, you find out Valensta was childhood friends with Orlkensor, and the Uroxi, Vingulf, assumed they were more intimate...and adultery is an offense punishable by outlawing.
  • If you want Orlkensor to find his own away, you can point her in the wrong direction.  Some members of your clan will be disappointed you didn't help Valensta, though.
  • If you tell her to go away, Valensta will plead for you to let her know where Orlkensor went.  It will be up to you whether to point her in a false direction, or the real one.
  • The more romantic minded of your clan will be glad if you decide to tell Valensta which way Orlkensor went.

Note:  If you told Valensta which way Orlkensor went, there will be a final event, Orlkensor IV: United with Valensta.

Quest Chain

Uroxi Rival
Face Down
United with

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