Orlkensor III-C: Face Down


Chain Event

Previous Uroxi Rival

Looks like Orlkensor has found his final fate.  Due to the clues of the discovery, it seems obvious who caused it, but unfortunately there aren't any witnesses...

Event Dialogue

Your carls find the body of one of your warriors face-down in a creek deep within your tula.  It is Orlkensor, who you adopted after he was outlawed by the <Y>.  He was savagely beaten, and his skull is crushed.  His sword lies by his side, and it is clean of blood.

1.  Declare a time of mourning.
2.  Perform a divination.
3.  Sacrifice to the gods in Orlkensor's memory.
4.  Seek his killer in another clan.
5.  Seek his killer within the clan.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Nothing changes much during the declared time of mourning.
  • If you perform a successful divination, you learn the killer came from the Uroxi's clan.
  • If you sacrifice to the gods, your clan magic will increase, and you keep the clan's respect for giving honor to a fallen comrade.
  • If you remember the clan  the Uroxi came from, you will find the killer there.  The Uroxi, when he finds out about Orlkensor's death, will be pleased, and even pays the killer's weregild for the death.  You have the option of viewing this as disrespectful, and can challenge the Uroxi warrior to a duel.  The duel does little other than affirm one's honor, and if you are a peace clan, lower your clan magic.
  • If you seek Orlkensor's killer in your own clan, you won't turn up any evidence that one of your people was the murderer.

Quest Chain

Uroxi Rival
Face Down
United with

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