Orlkensor IV: United with Valensta


Chain Event

Previous Valensta

As a year goes by, you finally find see what destiny had in store for Orlkensor and Valensta...

Event Dialogue

<X>, an explorer of the <Y> clan, reports a strange sight she saw while searching the Quivin Mountains for treasure.  "I saw a man and a woman, frozen into the ice.  They held one another as lovers, with expressions so sad I do not think I shall ever recover from looking upon their faces. The man wore the insignia of your clan, so I felt obligated to bring you this news.  The woman bore <Z clan> insignia."

1.  Do nothing.
2.  Reward her for the information.
3.  Sacrifice to the gods in their memory.
4.  Send a mission to pay last respects.
5.  Send a mission to recover the bodies.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you do nothing, then you will lose some esteem with your clan as you don't do anything for one who was in your clan.  Also, the explorer's clan will lose a little respect for you.  After all, she didn't have relay word about one of your members.
  • Relations improve a little with the <Y> if you reward the explorer. Then you can decide what to do with the reported bodies.
  • Sacrificing to the gods will bring respect from your clan members as you at least honor the memory. 
  • Sending a mission to pay last respects will raise the esteem even more than Option 4 since you are showing the ring's regard for even a single clan member.  This will also establish the identity of the people as Orlkensor and Valensta.
  • If you wish to get the best reaction, try to recover the bodies.  While success isn't guaranteed, if you do make it, your clan's morale improves as people pay their respects in person, while Valensta's clan's relationship improves for returning their lost member.

Quest Chain

Uroxi Rival
Face Down
United with

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