Oskul became king after Urgrain.  Oskul's reign was so filled with conflict, that he became sick of it.


  • When the Rain Cauldron was stolen, King Oskul's carls came to him for aid. He said, "Do what you must, but I have shed enough blood for seven kings, and will kill no more."
  • The theft of the Rain Cauldron brought great misery to King Oskul's people. They begged him to pick up his sword again, the one he had used to slay Bad King Urgrain.
  • Good King Oskul was born outside the marriage bond.
  • Oskul said, "Had our foe been killed while he was a rebellious thrall, our families would be alive today."
  • In Oskul's Saga, the trade of a talking fox leads to six generations of peace.
  • After Oskul the Just slew Bad King Urgrain and took his throne, he gave gifts to all who had helped him.  The Angry Clan spat upon his gifts, which led to war when there should have been peace.
  • After Bad King Urgrain's reign, the night came and all the tribes fell apart.  Oskul created a new tribe, and then others formed out of Oskul-fear.
  • King Oskul was slain not in a glorious battle, like the ones he fought against Bad King Urgrain, but was killed by a rock-throwing boy, in a feud he swore to end.

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