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Paranoid King


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When you join a tribe, you are also placing yourself under the authority of a king/queen.  Act to many times as an independent clan, you may very well find yourself under the monarch's suspicion...and subject to their whim.

Event Dialogue

The <Monarch> summons your leaders to the tribal hall.  At first, it is unclear what his purpose is.  <Monarch> meanders from subject to subject, touching upon various incidents in which your clan has acted independently of him.  The implication is that the king/queen believes you are trying to show him up, possibly in preparation for a rebellion against him.
  1. Reassure <Monarch> with a gift.
  2. Reassure <Monarch> with a poem of praise.
  3. Say little, leave as quickly as possible.
  4. Seek out discontented clans for a war against the king.
  5. Tell <Monarch> he misinterprets your actions.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you unsure about your persuasion skills, then reassuring the monarch with a gift will go over better.  However, if you fail, expect the monarch to take action.  The larger the gift, the better the chance for a positive result.
  • If you have little goods, or cattle, but good bardic skills, then reassure the monarch with a poem of praise.  Success will smooth relations, failure will have the monarch take action.
  • Saying little, and leaving is definitely an invitation for further action by the monarch.
  • Fortune can favor the bold, so you may decide to seek out discontented clans in rebellion.  However, if you lack a silver tongue, you may find yourself the lone clan in rebellion.
  • If you tell the <Monarch> he/she misinterpreted your actions, success will have him believe you, while failure will have disbelieve you, and take action.


  • If you succeeded in persuading the monarch of your loyalty, things end here. 
  • If you decided to leave, or failed influencing the monarch, then another event will take place.
  • Seeking out other clans, will lead to talk of rebellion as in Rebellion I: Conspiracy.

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