The more one grasps at power, the more it slips through one's hands...

This event tends to happen when your tribe's mood is in bad shape, and some other clan than yours holds the kingship.

Event Dialogue

<X> summons your clan ring to the tribal hall.  You are unable to <Clan Chieftain>, so you leave without her.  When you arrive at the hall, you find out why; she is being held captive by the king's/queen's thanes.  "<Clan Chieftain> has grossly offended me," the king/queen says.  "She said that all kings/queens are bad, but I am the worst.  What are you going to do about your impertinent ring member?"

1.  Apologize on <Clan Chieftain>'s behalf.
2.  Give gifts to the king/queen.
3.  Outlaw <Clan Chieftain>.
4.  Remove <Clan Chieftain> from the ring.
5.  Scold <Clan Chieftain> in the presence of the king.
6.  Tell the king/queen that <Clan Chieftain> is right.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you seek to avoid the wrath of your tribe's monarch, you can apologize on behalf of your clan chief.  Be aware that the king/queen is already irritated, so your apology may very well fail.
  • Bribery usually works, so you could give fits to the king/queen.  However, if you are stingy, or your monarch is rather frugal, failure may be forthcoming.
  • Outlawing your <clan Chieftain> will improve relations with the king/queen, though your clan's morale will drop as you didn't stand by their chief.
  • Removing your <clan Chieftain> from the ring is another strong measure, and usually is enough to satisfy the king's/queen's demand.  This does worsen your clan's morale, though.
  • Scolding your <Clan Chieftain> may be successful, but be aware there is a good chance your monarch will think this action is insufficient.
  • If you figure honestly is the best policy, and agree that your <Clan Chieftain> is right about the king/queen, then be aware your monarch will take action.


  • If the monarch accepts your action (briber, apology, scolding, etc), then usually nothing else happens to your clan.
  • If your monarch thinks your gesture is too little, to late, then you will see Secret Murder: Chieftain Assassinated

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