Peace Agreement - Tribal Delegation


Random Event

Happens when Feuding with another tribe
Requires Tribe
Notable Rewards Heort's Balm

With the formation of the other tribes, the destructiveness of war becomes so much greater as all the clans come together to wage battle.  It is with such a realization which causes another tribe come to you to broach a broader peace.

Event Dialogue

A delegation from the <X> tribe approaches your tribe in hopes of making a peace agreement.  "We should unite in peace, in honor of Ernalda.  We will be safe and prosperous, and can enforce Heort's laws.  The destructive raids we launch against one another will be a thing of the past."  The clans of your tribe retreat to a moot to discuss the offer.
  1. "Make peace if they sacrifice to strengthen our magic."
  2. "Make peace if they give a treasure to each clan."
  3. "Make peace if they give cows to each clan."
  4. "Our two tribes should ally to make war on another tribe."
  5. "They are swine.  We should never make peace with them!"

King of Dragon Pass


Some of your bargaining position will be stronger if one of your clan is the king/queen of the tribe, or if you maintained good relations with other clans in your tribe.

  • If your tribe is stronger, or else you have a good speaker, you can convince the <X> to give you a gift whether it is magic, a treasure, or cows to make peace.  However, there is a good chance they will disagree, criticizing you for your greed.  (Note, if you do get a treasure, it will be Heort's Balm.
  • Orlanthi are rarely at peace for long.  If you broach it as allying to war against another tribe, your persuasion should be more successful.
  • Be prepared that even if you argue for war, you may be overridden by the other clans of your tribe to make peace with the <X>,


The treasure you may get in this event is in Option 2. 

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