Peace Delegation - Clan to Clan


Random Event

Happens when Feuding with another clan
Next Peace Parley Perfidy

Continuous raids, while sufficient to generating war magic, can easily lead to ruin for both sides, allowing others to pick them off.  However, it takes courage to initiate peace talks, especially if initial cause of conflict is forgotten...

Event Dialogue

A delegation from the <X> clan comes to your tula to propose a peace settlement.  "Life here is quite workable.  There are enough Orlanthi to trade with, and plenty of good land for everyone to farm.  Why not come to a responsible agreement and end our futile fight?  Shall we gladden the hearts of our other enemies by fighting each other, instead of shedding their blood?"
  1. "We accept your offer of peace!"
  2. "We are always ready to talk."
  3. "We do not trust you.  Begone."
  4. "We will talk, but you must prove that we can trust you."
  5. "We're not having problems with other enemies."

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you accept their peace offer, then that is that, your feud is over. 
  • Sometimes it is hard to trust another's sincerity.  However, if you are always ready to talk, then the other clan may give you some gifts of their good intentions.  You can reciprocate in kind, and as long as you aren't stingy, peace is declared.  However, if you give much less, then the feud continues, and other clans may worsen their relations as they figure you had no intention of making peace.
  • Sometimes, you just want a continuous conflict going.  Simply say 'we don't trust you' and order their removal will guarantee this.
  • There is nothing wrong with asking your enemies to prove you can trust them.  A second option will appear in which you and your rivals can leave a number of cattle, goods, etc. in the safe-keeping of a neutral clan.  Then, if you or the other breaks the peace, you will be forfeit those cattle/goods/etc. and the animosity resumes.  Also, the one who breaks the peace tends to lose some goodwill from the neutral clans.  T
  • If you are feeling particularly strong, and not having problems with your other enemies, then the <X> may give you gifts to convince you to make peace.  Of course, if you are about equal in strength, they will just continue the feud.

Note:  Sometimes, if you agree to further discussion, you will find the <X> just lying in ambush, as seen in Peace Parley Perfidy.

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