Peace Overtures


Chain Event

Previous Formation of Other Tribes

You've decided to travel the way of peace with the formation of the other tribes.  However, whether they accept your overtures or not remains to be seen.

Event Dialogue

You have decided to make peace overtures to the <X tribe>  Their king/queen, <Y>, says he will hear your argument.

1.  "Ernalda will smile on us if we make peace."
2.  "Make peace, or we will make war."
3.  "We must unite against the inhumans."
4.  "We must unite against the other tribes."
5.  "With peace, we can enforce the laws of Orlanth.

King of Dragon Pass


Ultimately, either you make peace with the <X> or you don't. 

  • Uniting against a common enemy, whether it is the humans or tribes, is always a common ploy, and with the dangers of Dragon Pass may bear fruit.  Your past relations with the other clans or inhumans will probably influence this as well.
  • Offering the threat of war, is another way, but realize that by going this route, the other tribe is more likely to break the alliance.
  • If you are of a religious bent, you can appeal to either Ernalda or Orlanth for peace.  Depending on which deity your clan holds in the highest regard, it could also influence how effective the option is.

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