Peace Parley Perfidy


Chain Event

Previous Peace Delegation - Clan to Clan

Your rivals have shown their true colors, striking hard from ambush.  Now you must decide, how, if any, retaliation must be dealt.

Event Dialogue

The <X> ring betrays you at their so-called peace parley.  The meeting is nothing but a pretense for a surprise assassination attempt against your leaders.  One is wounded in the attack.  One is slain.  It was small consolation that we were given the peacebond.
  1. Do nothing for now.
  2. Launch a raid against the <X>.
  3. Offer rewards to other clans who raid the <X> this season.
  4. Petition Orlanth to punish this ungodly treachery.
  5. Spread word of <X> villainy.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  Though slain, you can raise your dead clan member after this event with Chalana Arroy's blessing Resurrection, unless the member is a follower of Humakt.


  • You may be stuck in doing nothing,  but realize clan morale will fall unless something is done.
  • The most straightforward response, raiding against the <X> will mollify the people if you are victorious.  Be sure not to attack in Sea or Earth season, unless you have enough food stores.
  • If you have enough wealth, offer other clans to raid the <X>.  This will certainly bring your foes to their knees if your reward is high enough.  Be stingy, and no one will rally to your offer.
  • Orlanth decries treachery, so a successful petition of the gods will curse the <X> for a full year.  Then, if you decide to strike militarily, they should be in a weaker position. 
  • With the evidence of their treachery, by spreading the word of the <X>'s villainy, other clans will look askance at the <X>, and may even raid them in turn if they are close friends of yours.

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