Peace for the Blood Sisters


Random Event

Happens when Feuding with another clan

This event has a great opportunity to end a feud at a lower cost.

Event Dialogue

A young warrior woman of your clan, <X>, comes to the clan hall with a warrior woman of the <A> clan, which you are feuding with. The other young woman's name is <Y>. <X> declares that she and <Y> have undergone a ritual and declared themselves blood sisters. They will fight to defend one another, to the death if necessary. They say that we should follow their example, and end our foolish and destructive feud with the <A clan>.
  1. Make peace with the <A> clan.
  2. Outlaw <X>.
  3. Respect their sisterhood, but refuse to seek peace.
  4. Tell <X> you will think about what she has said.
  5. "This ritual of sisterhood has no legal merit."

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you choose to make peace with the <A clan>, you will be given a second choice: to offer them payment for peace, demand payment from them or propose a political marriage. This choice depends on whether you are stronger than they are, weaker, or have equal forces, your ring member with the highest combat skill will tell you.
  • If you outlaw <X>, you will be down one weaponthane and find she has joined the clan you are in a feud with.
  • Choosing to respect the women's "sisterhood" allows you to keep pursuing your feud, but while retaining the services of your weaponthane.  The only exception is that <X> will refuse to go along in any raids of the <A> clan.
  • If you tell <X> you will think about what she said, she will be disappointed, but otherwise stay with your clan.
  • Saying the ritual has no merit is usually true.  Sometimes <X> will reveal she learned of the ritual from an old scroll.  However clan ring members with high Magic acknowledge that new rituals are made all the time. 

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