Permission to Pass Through


Random Event

Yours was far from the only clan who left their old home for greener pastures...

Event Dialogue

A large group of people are moving towards your tula.  Your warriors ride to meet them, and learn that they are the <X> clan.  They have come from Heortland, just as you once did, and they seek permission to move through your territory on their trek northwards. 
  1. Attack them
  2. Give them permission
  3. Hint that it would be good if they gave you a gift
  4. Propose an alliance
  5. Refuse them
  6. Demand tribute

King of Dragon Pass


This is one event which establishes another clan in Dragon Pass.  Your response, however, dictates how their initial relations will be toward you. 

  • Attacking them, or demanding tribute will obviously anger the newcomers.
  • Refusing them will also anger the newcomers, though not to the extent as violence or extortion.
  • The newcomers may refuse an alliance, or not give a gift, but this won't anger them...and the request may well succeed.
  • Giving the newcomers permission will leave a favorable impression on them. 

Note:  This clan is normally described as:  They're known for worshipping a dead river goddess.

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