Pig Priestess Pettiness


Random Event

Requires Tribe that includes the Pig-Hearding Clan

Some say the inclusion of the <Pig-Herding Clan> was a bad decision since they hold swine in almost as high a regard as they do cattle.  As such, your own priestess of Mralota have decided it is time for them to get their due...

Event Dialogue

Ever since the <Pig-Herding Clan> joined the tribe, there has been increasing trouble between the priestesses of minor fertility cults.  Encouraged by their counterparts among the <Pig-Herding Clan>, your clan's part-time priestesses of Mralota, the Pig Mother, have become increasingly bold in demanding special privileges.  The dispute has exploded, as Mralota priestesses prevent the grain priestesses of the goddess Esra from using the communal shed used for fertility magic.
  1. Compensate the grain priestesses.
  2. Encourage the opposed priestesses to find agreement.
  3. Scold the pig priestesses of your clan.
  4. Urge the pig priestesses of <Pig Herding Clan> to preach humility.
  5. "This is not a matter for the ring."

King of Dragon Pass


  • Compensating the grain devotees will improve the morale of the clan, but this fight will erupt again if not taken in hand.
  • With sufficient coercision, the priestesses should come to an agreement.  Of course, if neither group agrees with your ruling, you will see this unfold once more.  This may be a better option than three since the two come to an agreement both like.
  • If your scolding is effective, the pig priestesses will show humility.  Failure will just have them get more belligerent.
  • If you think your persuasion isn't up to task, you can always ask the <Pig Herding Clan> to help you rein your pig priestesses in.  This task should work as long as you have decent relations with the other clan.
  • While you may not consider this event a matter for the ring, the rest of the clan will disagree.  Additionally, this confrontation will happen again until resolved.

Note:  This will occur only if you have the Pig-Herding Clan in your tribe.

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