Plow as Bride Price


Random Event

When one is in the throes of love, they often will do things they normally wouldn't, actions which could destroy their honor...

Event Dialogue

<V>, a fine young weaponthane of your clan, wishes to marry <W> of the <X> clan.  <W>'s mother, <Y>, has been given permission by her clan to dispose of any marriage suits.  She wants <V> to steal the magical plow of the <Z clan> and give it to the <X clan>.
  1. Allow <V> to try to steal the plow.
  2. Ask <W>'s ring to reconsider the terms of marriage.
  3. Help <V> steal the plow.
  4. Warn the <Z clan> that the <X clan> covet their plow.
  5. "<V>, you must not court the daughter of a treacherous person."

King of Dragon Pass


  • Allowing <V> to steal the plow ends in one of two ways.  Success has him completing the action, and wedding will follow, further improving relations with the bride's clan.  The most likely occurence, is failure.  Not only is he caught, but his deeds will worsen relations with the <Z clan>.
  • Depending on your lawspeaker's oratory skills and your relations with the other clan, you may be able to persuade the bride's ring to reconsider their terms.  Success will allow for a normal brideprice, while failure leaves the matter in the mother's hands.
  • If you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty, you can help <V> steal the plow.  You can detail a number of weaponthanes to help.  If successful, <V> will see a wedding in the future.  Failure naturally results in worse relations with the <Z>, injuries to some weaponthanes and may lower your clan!clan's morale.  Another thing to consider is just how many warriors you will send to help.  Too many, and they will be discovered.  Too few, and they will be little help.
  • Warning the <Z> about the <X>'s designs on their plow naturally improves relations with the <Z>, but worsens matters with the <X>.  <V> himself will feel betrayed by the clan ring, but if the ring is generally trusted, the rest of the weaponthanes will stand by their leaders' decision.
  • If you value honor most of all, then tell <V> he must not court the daughter of a treacherous person.  If the clan ring is generally respected, <V> will agree, even if saddened by the turn of events.  If the clan ring is despised, then <V> can increase the tension the weaponthanes have with their leaders. 

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