Poachers Unwelcome


Random Event

Requires Nearby hunting clan

Orlanthi tend to be very territorial, and look unkindly upon uninvited strangers.

Event Dialogue

Angry hunters from the <A> clan roughly return <X>, one of your carls. "This thief was hunting on our land!" they cry. "By Odayla's hawk-eyed bow, we demand compensation, and assurances that this will not happen again."
  1. Offer them assurances only
  2. Offer them compensation and assurances
  3. Offer them compensation only
  4. Refuse them

King of Dragon Pass


  • Compensating the offended clan will restore relations
  • Refusing them can worsen relations. 
  • Be careful offering assurances.  After all, there is nothing to prevent a carl from following another course of action...


  • This event may only trigger if the clan whose description is:  They're known for hunting prowess.  Also, the clan will be within cattle raid distance.

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